James fell in love with the art of Tattoos at the age of 15 realizing it is one of the oldest artforms (along with music and dance).  He attended Sheridan College for Animation but his passion remained with Tattoos. At the age of 19 he decided to open his own Tattoo Shop and has never looked back.   In 1990 Artatorture Tattoo Shop was established and has been thriving since. 

James has had the opportunity to mentor many now successful tattoo artists throughout his illustrious 34 + year career and has consulted for and appeared in several movies and TV Shows.    James has a great love of animals , having a few cats of his own, and thoroughly enjoys painting pet portraits on the side.  When he is not tattooing, or creating paintings, he will be spending time with his extensive Samurai and Medieval Armour Collection (or he’ll be reading about them)

James can do all types of tattoos including Tribal, Watercolor, Traditional, illustrative and  Blackwork – in fact he won an Award for Best Blackwork at The Calgary Tattoo Convention. He is exceptionally talented at and thoroughly enjoys doing Cover-Ups of all kinds.  He feels you do not have to cover up a small tattoo with a massive tattoo – unless that is what you want- and he loves the challenge.

James' Flash

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