Tattoos are an art form that have survived many eras in history. Like most great traditions, the knowledge obtained by a master, is passed on between generations through the process of mentorship. Tattooing is more than drawing on a human body. There are a wide range of skills required that make a tattoo artist successful: artistic ability, good client skills, the ability to conceptualize an idea and translate it to something that works on the human body and hard work, to name a few. We take our roles as mentors seriously. We want apprentices who take their learning opportunity seriously as well.



Tattoo clients are the best clients in the world because they come from all kinds of backgrounds. They all have one thing in common, however, when they step inside a tattoo shop. They are there to get a piece of art that is beautiful and meaningful. We value treating clients, and employees with respect in ways that are inclusive of their culture, diversity , and any challenges that they may have.


We are passionate about art. We’ve been in this business for a long time because we love it and our clients can see that. That’s what keeps them coming back for more. We want to see your designs, hear your cool ideas,and give you an opportunity to create with us.

Work Ethic

Tattoo shops are open late. We are a busy shop and we get a lot of walk in traffic. Your work product counts. If we can’t service a client because you are late, it affects all of us. If you have drive, you’ll also receive lots of opportunities.


You’ll be part of a team here and you will have a lot of fun.  Be mindful that your actions affect your team mates. We are all connected.



Mentorship.  We will help you learn anything you put your mind to. We will teach you various techniques and give you opportunities to practice and expand your skill set.


You will learn how a tattoo machine works first and foremost, from old school to new school machines.


If you are not versed on anatomy that will be the next step.


After you’re familiar with a tattoo machine and with anatomy you will begin right away tattooing on different mediums i.e. fake skin etc. until your skill level improves enough to tattoo on a person’s skin. You will learn how to do outlines, shading, grey washing and solid colour blending on the fake skin.


You will learn about blood-borne pathogens and cross-contamination and how to guard against it to keep yourself, your customers and coworkers safe. You will learn and follow all required guidelines of Toronto Board of Health.  You will be required to take a blood-borne pathogen test before you go any further.


You will learn the proper way to place a stencil, which is one of the most important and difficult parts of the job.


Once you start tattooing on a person’s skin you will learn that each person’s skin is unique. Complexion, age of skin, hand and face areas, can cause skin to be thicker or thinner. All of this makes a difference when tattooing, and we will teach you the methods to deal with these variables.


Learn the ins and outs of the business side of running a Tattoo Shop.

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Due to COVID-19, we are currently not accepting any apprenticeship applications for the time being.  Thank-you for your understanding.