The price of your tattoo will depend on size, colours, complexity, custom design and location on the body. To get a quote please book a design consult with one of our artists.

cover ups

So you have your ex’s name tattooed on your forearm, and you are ready to move on. What now? Consider a cover up tattoo!
James is very experienced and highly skilled at cover ups and has won awards for his cover up work.
There are 3 different types of cover up tattoos: complete coverage, creative reinvention and blast over.
It is important that you work with an artist you trust because cover ups take a lot of thought, planning and care. You want the end result to be something that brings you joy for many years to come.
Before After
Before After


We perform piercings in our private rooms where customer safety always comes first. Our professionally trained piercers only practice safe methods using fully disposable tools and high quality jewelry in a sterile environment.  We perform a wide variety of body piercings, please see the price sheet for details.


Nose $50
Septum $60
Eyebrow $50
Nipple $60
Nipple (both) $110
Navel $60
Medusa $50
Labret $60
Tongue $65
Web $60
Marilyn (w/ Labret) $60
Surface(w/ Titanium) $120
Earlobe $40
Earlobe (both) $60
Conch (w/ Labret) $60
Conch (w/ Ring) $60
Rook $60
Tragus $60
Anti-Tragus $60
Helix $50
Cartilage $60
Genital $120

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