Good artists do not come cheap. With experience and quality comes higher prices. The price of a tattoo varies by design, size, detail and placement.  At Artatorture we price by the piece and not by the hour.  We believe that each tattoo deserves the time it will take to produce the best outcome.   An estimated quote can be obtained by sending an email to

Yes it does hurt but pain is relative. It has been compared with sensations of scratching, sharp stinging and/or burning .  Your endorphins eventually kick in and makes the pain more tolerable for a period of time.  Usually customers can last 2-3 hours before tapping out.  Certain areas of the body are more painful than others.  If you have a low threshold for pain consider the placement of your tattoo.  Any areas covered with large muscles or areas that are more fleshy are less sensitive than boney areas such as spine, feet, rib cage etc.

The time required is based on the tattoo design.  The senior artists at Artatorture have been tattooing for over 30 years and tend to complete most tattoos expeditiously.  Big pieces can be completed in one full day however usually customers cannot tolerate a session longer than  2-3 hours. Smaller tattoos can be completed within an hour and a medium sized one within 1-2 hours depending on detail .

You can if you like but we don’t usually recommend it as it usually wears off before your tattoo has been completed and needs to be re-applied throughout the application.  We have a specialized numbing spray for numbing if it is really required.

Getting a tattoo done at a reputable and licensed shop is much safer then home tattoos. Let me tell you why. At Artatorture everything used during the application of a tattoo is single use disposable. This includes everything from ink, needles, bags, gloves, etc right up to the aftercare ointment provide to every one of our customers. This ensure there is no cross contamination. We make it our priority to stay up to date with current health standards    We are fully licensed , insured and comply with all of The Toronto Board of Health requirements. We like to use  the Cheyenne Pen ( a rotary machine ) which is the first one designed with safety cartridges preventing micro spray of ink and blood contamination making it safer for the customer and the artist. Oh and you’ll barely  hear this machine, which makes it easier on the senses.   Furthermore, all of the Artists at Artatorture have obtained their Certificates in Blood Borne Pathogens .

In most cases yes you can absolutely cover up your old tattoo with a new one or even fix up an old tattoo to make it look brand new.  The owner/artist of the shop takes great pleasure and pride in making that magic happen. Simply send us an email with your existing tattoo and the design you wish to cover it with and we will let you know if that design will work or not.  Alternatively you can always book a free consultation for bigger and more complicated pieces.

We have artists that have been tattooing for over 30 years as well as junior artists and apprentices with 1-3 years experience.

Tipping your artist is a courtesy that shows your artist that you appreciate the time effort and expertise they put into your tattoo.  While it is always appreciated and encouraged it is not expected or required.  Keep in mind that so much more goes into the tattoo then the application itself, especially for custom designs.  The artist usually designs/ redraws, researches reference pictures etc prior to your appointment, along with consulting along the way.  So if you’re happy a tip would be a great way of showing your appreciation!

It’s best not to get a tattoo if you are unwell.  Your body will treat your tattoo like a wound and will heal much better if your immune system is not already tasked.  If you are unwell it’s best to reschedule your appointment for yourself and for the artist.

This is a personal choice and preference.  However if you have an idea and need some help designing a custom piece the artist at Artatorture can help you pull the design together.  Just send an email to and we can give you a quote and a draft design, or you can book a free consultation for bigger pieces (ie. sleeves, back pieces ).

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